Saturday, November 10, 2007

Accepting our beautiful daughters precisely as they are

Accepting our beautiful daughters precisely as they are is the first step in allowing them to accept and love themselves.

If you know any thing about me, it's that I am pretty skeptical about advertising claims. I am pretty turned off by corporate America (especially under the BushCo regime) and I am offended by how women are portrayed in media and film.

With that said, I've been consistently impressed by Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. I believe it was a risky move, and I appreciate bravery. The films and commercials have been real eye openers, because women and men alike are negatively impacted by media's never ending lie about the real beauty of women.

In honor of Dove, I am posting two of my favorite impact pieces, please view them. Also, support Dove and their products. Let's show them how much we support reality in media (god knows it been missing too long...)

(NOTE: Some of the links have been disabled, I'll try to find alternate sources and relink)

DOVE: Onslaught

DOVE: Evolution

The Dove ad in the following link was disabled, click to watch: