Friday, April 3, 2009

Bronzer Gone Wrong: Valentino

Hello everyone:

Spring is here and summer is almost upon us. The chill of winter has lifted. Light arrives earlier in the morning and the birds sing in the trees. People begin dieting and exercising in an effort to look decent in the skimpy fashions of warmer seasons.

Some folks hit the tanning salon. Some folks begin buying bronzing powders a-plenty. And some folks, older folks, harken back to the bronzing gels of the olden-days.

Enter aged fashionista, and legendary designer Valentino. These pics depict what I like to call `Bronzer Gone Wrong`. Poor guy, there is almost no way to regain the credibility lost from poor cosmetic application. Just ask any farsighted old crone with pink blusher circles on her cheeks.

Valentino and Anne Hathaway. I wonder what she thought when she first saw him. Did terror enter her heart when she realized there would be photographic evidence of her ignoring the very obvious (ironically more obvious by her own blanched complexion?);