Friday, June 29, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh. My. God: Science Fair for Creationists!

Well, it probably never would have occurred to me that religious zealot types who don't believe in science, evolution, history of ancient cultures (more ancient than 6,000 years, anyway) would be stupid enough to sponsor a Christian Science Fair.

You'll get a total kick out of their suggested "sample" projects - which are (of course) based on science, evolution, history, and a heaping helping of bigotry and racism! Check out a few choice morsels to whet your snark appetite.

...And they don't even realize these are "evolution" projects!

1. [Why does] A virus mutate (alter) the DNA code of the host cell and reproduce a new species.
5. What can we learn from the Amish blood disease and sixth finger?
34. What are freckles and why do we have them?
55. Why do only mammals have hair?

...And, for "science" questions only creationism might answer...

10. What was life like before the Flood?
12. Trilobites prove Noah's flood because they are curled up or not?
35. Why does the Bible say there is one glory of the sun, one glory of the moon, and one glory of the stars?
53. Were all the animals friendly to man before the Flood?
58. Why did God create the moon to control the tides?
72. What is God made of?

...And for a little dose of sexism and bigotry they offer the following...

18. Is intelligence influenced by physical attributes. i.e. are blondes "dumb" or does skin color influence intelligence?
83. Why do people believe in Evolution?
84. What events caused them to become evolutionists?

...Lastly, for those creationists who wear tinfoil hats...

105.What are aliens and are there really any in our world? see Lamentations 5:2, Eph 2:12, Heb 11:34.

You just cannot make this shit up.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Disney Rejection Letter: Ouch!

Ouch, this one is painful to read. It's even more difficult because it came from another "girl".

"Dear Miss Ford,

Your letter of recent date has been received in the Inking and Printing Department for reply.

Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason, girls are not considered for the training school.

The only work open to women is tracing the characters on clear celluloid sheets with India ink and filling in the tracings on the reverse side with paint according to directions.

In order to apply for a position as an "Inker" or "Painter" it is necessary that one appear at the studios, bringing samples of pen and ink and water color work. It would not be adviseable to come to Hollywood with the above specifically in view, as there really are very few openings in comparison with the number of girls who apply."

It's pretty great letterhead, however. They sure don't make them like that anymore!

(again, thanks to Boing Boing for directing us to sim sandwich)

Holy Infant: So Tender and Mild!

What in the HELL is this about? Typically it's the Japanese food that I deem to be weirdest of all. However, it appears that in the "meat product" department, France is winner!

If you eat the Baby Jesus with some vino and say a few hail Mary's... does it save your soul?

(Hat tip to Boing Boing for turning me onto Oranchak, the source for the above)

Elizabeth Edwards: Class Personified

Ann Counter: Evil, mean, foul, ugly, rancid, heinous, rabid, disgusting, and... evil. evil. evil.

You know that I hate Ann Coulter with a passion verging on religious fervor. I've written about it before. I, like many others call her Coultergeist (a play on the evil spirit known as a poltergeist, and for that I apologize to ghosts everywhere).

Ann Coulter is a fucking lying sack of shit with not one shred of socially redeeming value. And, she's a right wing media darling. The GOP leadership and thus many Republicans chortle with undisguised glee at her repeated and outrageous attacks. They just LOVE Ann, she's so pretty, she's so smart, she's so tall and thin and blond, she's the only one willing to tell the "truth". It makes me want to vomit from the pit of my soul.

And so, dear reader I offer up to you the below YouTube video of the graceful, amazing Elizabeth Edwards asking Ann to be civil. (It was a nice try, and someone had to do it). Elizabeth's stock went up in my book.

Oh, and try not to vomit on your keyboard.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Beauty: Through Art

I was compelled to remove Humdinger #2 below, it being so ugly that after the novelty wore off (quickly) it was offensive to me.

To make it up to you, dear reader, I offer the following. First, an apology. Second, the below YouTube video morphing 500 years of female beauty in western art. And all in 3 minutes.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pics to Post: Humdinger #3

"World's Most Misunderstood Superhero"

Name: Golden Batwing Man

Power: Able to inspire snickers at a single sighting

Pics to Post: Humdinger #1

2007: World's Ugliest Dog (AP)

The Chinese Crested dog "Elwood" appears at the 2007 World's Ugliest Dog Contest Friday, June 22, 2007, in Petaluma, Calif. Elwood, who weighs in at just 6 lbs and was rescued as the result of a New Jersey SPCA investigation, has won the title of World's ugliest dog of 2007.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

JANINE: Congrats, My Beautiful Friend!!!

Well, it couldn't happen to a nicer gal. One of my oldest friends (ahem. I mean longest known), Janine, has bought a home. And, it's a stunner.

One of the most charming aspects of this little gem is that it's in original condition. Since it is VERY high end, some of the details that others might not appreciate I think are wonderful!

DON'T change the cabinet knobs. DON'T change the scrolled cut-out doors in the bathroom. DON'T change the amazing (and weirdly-opening) windows! They're classics! And the built-ins in the living room? You couldn't buy those nowadays without spending several thousand dollars. By the way, I love the smoke glass hall light - and I love the ceilings despite the fact that in the last few decades they've lost favor among the trendy crowds and their designer-bots.

(Update: I had a dream last night that Janine had the ceilings airbrushed into the most subtle and beautiful ultra light blue sky with white clouds ala trompe l'oeil, but it was soooo subtle. Best of all, the texture added a suede-like texture to the sky...)

Tell John that his armoire is perfect. As was his help.

In closing, I know you'll see this dear friend. Congratulations on your great real estate find and it couldn't have happened to a more wonderful person.

Much love,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BUSH-LOVING ALBANIA: Watch Stolen During Photo Op!

All we've been hearing in the US for the last couple of days is how much Albanians LOVE Bush.

There has been news story after story showing Bush glad handing a frenzied crowd of Albanians, patting his head, hugging him, shaking his hand...

And... he got his watch stolen in the whole dog and pony show!

Hat tip to ROOK at See the YouTube video: Click Here

What do you bet it's found on eBay. Or perhaps it contains a tracking device of some sort and the culprit is located via GPS?


Thursday, June 7, 2007

SiCKO: Michael Moore (I love you!)

Many folks don't know this, but my daughter's disability and her inability to access health insurance (at any cost) as well as our struggles to ensure necessary and costly medical care is the reason that began watching the Bush Administration very early on. It also spurred my system change and disability rights advocacy work.

Paying attention to, or studying how America began to handle health care, medical services, and disability issues in America under Bush led to my opposition to Bush, his administration and the Republicans running all three branches of our federal government.

Therefore, it is with great respect and very deep understanding that I support Michael Moore and his latest documentary SiCKO.

Please watch the above video.

Then PLEASE go to and see his Oprah interview.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hipocracy du Jour: KKK Edition

It's so fucking ironic. It's hipocracy at its best and brightest.

KKK Grand Wizard announces homosexuality, “proud of it”

Salem, AB (GNC) - The Ku Klux Klan, more commonly known as the KKK, has become infamous for its crusades against blacks, Jews, and until now - homosexuals. But when a Grand Wizard, the highest ranked member of the KKK, came out of the closet last week and announced his homosexuality, some were baffled while others were supportive.

“I am proud to announce that I am a homosexual,” said John Carolina, the Grand Wizard. “And I want everybody to know that this development will not interfere with my goal towards the construction of a white nation.”

Mr. Carolina was seen at the meeting with his significant other, William Maddox. Though Maddox is not a member of the KKK, he voiced his support, saying “I am behind John in everything he does. I’m just glad that he found the courage to live freely and without fear. He can finally be himself.”

Johnathon Carolina has been an active member of the KKK since he was 14 years old. And though he admits to having protested homosexuality in the past, it wasn’t until 16 that he realized he was gay. At first, John says, he vigorously denied it and tried to suppress his homosexual feelings, but when he met another Klansman that was gay, he became more open to his sexuality.

John went through roughly 6 homosexual relationships with various klansmen before he found William Maddox, who encouraged him to be open about his sexuality and accept who he is.

“Homosexuality is rampant in the KKK,” John says. “But everybody is very quiet about it. It’s very suppressed. I am hoping to finally bring all the klansmen out of the closet!”

Since John has come out, over 300 other klansmen have followed suit, finally being who they are after years of suppression.

“It’s a wonderful day,” says James Werman, a life-time member of the KKK. “And I march towards the day when I can walk down the streets, hand in hand with my boyfriend, living and breathing in a uniformly white nation.”

(Read it HERE)